Photo Plans

This site is a work in progress.

My plan for what I wish to do is as follows:

  • Publish in the coming months (first half of 2022) a fairly large number of pictures - recently taken, or from earlier takes.
  • Make a critical review of what I see, invite others to comment
  • Work on formulating what I am looking for
  • Start replacing pictures that are not up to my criteria


Review January 2014/October 2021:

Pictures are totally unremarkable, although there are traces of something good.


Here is a first formulation of what I am looking for:

The name of the game is good images. The good image will come at you. A good image is strong on composition and light. 

Composition is about:

  • fitting the shapes and components together, seeing the egdes and lines, building the composition
  • structure, light, colour, contrast, utilizing available space
  • story, magic, awesome-ness, passion, excitement
  • risk and courage, lack of convention
  • subtlety - don't let people see what you have done, just let there be good images

Your emotion must be in there, you must find how to express in the image what you feel, next analyse and go deeper, then take the picture.