Photo Thoughts

It is important to clarify what I am trying to do. Photography is about content, and to make the power of the photograph appear intellectually and emotionally, to start the viewer thinking and arouse her feelings, to make the photo an achievement of intellect and emotion. I must make sure I always have "enough" light.

The words that keeps coming up in description of awesome pictures are passion, deep feeling, intensity, emotional depth, and that side is perhaps more important than the technical side of the photograph.

I will try to imagine a picture - try to capture it. Working hard to develop what it takes - which is to make acclaimed pictures - is my intention.  I must keep up the urge for greatness, the wish to make ever better pictures.

Being creative, finding my own voice, grow all the time is part of my plan. To develop a message, find consistency of form, style, method is there also.

Themes and projects can be used to find depth of creativity and vision.

I will also look for intense moments - distillations of thought, action.

Try being modern in my thinking and my use of technology - but the basics must still be with me.

Photography can be thought of a lifestyle or 24/7 activity - you carry it with you always, you are also place independent. 

Personal characteristics must be to think always, be patient, be insistent, get what you aim for.

Relations to others must be built, to my objects, don't hold back, don't be reticent.

Think big, my aim is to make a lasting impression on society.

I will publish so that others can see what I do, and I will invite critique.

I want my pictures or series of pictures to be special, and I will not quit until they are. Remember that photography is also about not getting it right.

What I am trying to do will take some time.